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Commercial Projects 

Updated on Oct. 16, 2023


City of Anna

City of Bridgeport

City of Plano

City of Roanoke

City of Carrollton

City of Hamilton

City of Hutchins

City of Irving

City of Sachse

City of Terrell

City of The Colony

City of Whitesboro

City of Lucas

City of Wilmer

City of McLendon-Chisholm

City of Wichita Falls

City of Crowley


City of Ardmore

And more...

City of Piedmont

Free Trial Run Project

Since SPM is a cutting-edge solution powered by the latest AI technology, a free trial run project would be necessary to better understand the benefits and values.

At the moment, more than 40 cities in North Texas and Oklahoma have commenced pilot projects.

Please contact us right now, to enjoy the opportunity.

Working Together on Project
At Work

New Features


SPM-PCI is NEXCO’s proprietary index system. Like Pavement Condition Index (PCI) using the ASTM 6433 standard, it is a numerical index between 0 and 100, which indicates the general condition of the surveyed pavement. SPM-PCI has a statistically significant correlation with PCI. 

Deterioration Prediction

Using a standard deterioration curve, SPM provides a prediction of future pavement conditions as an add-on feature of SPM-PCI.

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