Smart Pavement Management (SPM)

Affordable Pavement Condition Assessment & Decision-making Support

NEXCO Highway Solutions of America Inc. (NHSA) proudly provides road operators and engineering companies with total package of pavement condition assessment and management tools at lower cost.

Easy, Fast, Cost-efficient Pavement Data Collection

Shoot the video, upload, and then get the pavement condition on the map. Our AI engine processes your video data in the cloud and returns your pavement distress indices with location data. You can make better decisions based on current conditions instead of complaint-based decisions.

High-quality Images for Future Reference

High-quality images without blur and wind-shield reflection are important for future engineering references. It enables comparison of two historical images to understand pavement distress progression.

Predict Pavement Performance & Save Cost

Provide any pavement distress indices and get the prediction. You can know the right timing to conduct maintenance activities. Plus, you can compare pavement performance by section, pavement type, traffic volume or other attributes. With this information you’ll be able to establish a preventive maintenance program that will extend pavement life.

Budget Simulation

You can simulate the budget needs to maintain pavement at various levels. You can set the budget cap based on your situation.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Upload condition data at the office or home. That’s it. Our service is a totally Web-based service. After the processing and our review, you’ll see the results on your web browser. No visit to the office required!