Prediction & Decision Making Support

Predict Pavement Performance & Save Cost

Provide any pavement distress indices and get the prediction. You can know the right timing to conduct maintenance activities. Plus, you can compare pavement performance by section, pavement type, traffic volume or other attributes. With this information you’ll be able to establish a preventive maintenance program that will extend pavement life.

Budget Simulation

You can simulate the budget needs to maintain pavement at various levels. You can set the budget cap based on your situation.

Easy-operated Modeling

The prediction engine, comprised of Markov and Hazard modeling developed in Kyoto University, only requires two-time-series of condition data. It enables easy prediction unlike regression modeling or mechanistic modeling. This is achieved because our predictive engine focuses on the pavement deterioration speed.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Upload condition data at the office or home. That’s it. Our service is a totally Web-based service. After the processing and our review, you’ll see the results on your web browser. No visit to the office required!