Driver-assistance Delineators (DAD)

Mitigate Traffic Congestion with Smart Delineators

Recurring traffic congestion tends to occur where roadways transition from downhill to uphill and at the entrance of tunnels without driver awareness. To improve the unintended speed reduction in those road sections, we have developed the “Driver-assistance Delineators (DAD)”, a roadside LED light system that influences drivers speed perception.

Reduce Traffic Congestion

Improve traffic flow and reduce congestion without expensive roadway widening. DAD is used in Japan, where the roadside residential area and mountainous terrains limits roadway width. On our expressways, DAD has reduced traffic congestion volume by 20 percent.

Integrated System

DAD is a system of connected LED lightning devices, lighting controls and existing traffic monitoring equipment. DAD operates in all weather conditions.

How it works

DAD utilizes vision stimulus. DAD’s sequential lighting works like a pace car. Drivers unconsciously follow the pace car so that unintended speed reduction is prevented, especially on hilly roadways and tunnel entrances.