Data Collection & Visualization

Easy, Fast, Cost-efficient Pavement Data Collection

Shoot the video and upload, and then get the pavement condition on the map. Our AI engine processes your video data in our cloud and returns your pavement distress indices with location data. You can make a better decision based on current conditions instead of complaint-based decisions.

Affordable Equipment

Buy an affordable and commercially available action camera like GoPro. You can purchase the data collection equipment at many stores like Target, Walmart or BestBuy. The latest action camera has a vibration reduction function that achieves high-quality video.

High-quality Images for Future Reference

High-quality images without blur and wind-shield reflection are important for engineering references in the future. It enables the comparison of two historical images to understand the pavement distress progresses.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Upload condition data at the office or home. That’s it. Our service is totally a Web-based service. You don’t need to worry about the workplace. After the processing and our review, you’ll see the results on your web browser.

Popular Data Formats

Get the results in popular data formats like .CSV. It allows you to conduct data analysis or integrate the data into your main management system. You can also see the pavement condition on the map.